Asphalt Patching Services in Phoenix, AZ

Commercial Cold and Hot Asphalt Patching

Getting your commercial asphalt patched is important in ensuring the safety of those on your road, as well as its longevity and drivability. Affordable and effective asphalt patching fixes the worst damages in your pavement without making you repair your entire pavement, which can be costly and time-consuming. Because we value our customers throughout Phoenix, we offer honest consultations for homeowners associations and businesses across Arizona. We will never try to sell you a service you don’t need or doesn’t fit your budget. Get the best for your asphalt at a price you’ll love by working with our team of experts. Contact Cactus for asphalt patching services today!



During Construction

If you begin to notice damage, holes, or cracks that look like reptile skin on your asphalt, it may be time to get it patched. At Cactus Asphalt, our team offers expert consultation and patch services designed to bring your asphalt back to safe, smooth, working order. We work according to industry safety standards and the stipulations of our clients — we’ll never sell you a service you don’t need. Remember, your asphalt may need patching if you notice the following damages:

• Potholes
• Depressed areas
• Cracks look like alligator skin



After Construction

If done properly, with an experienced paving team and high-quality materials, patching can save you hundreds to thousands of dollars and extend the life of your asphalt for several years. Below, our trusted experts at Cactus Asphalt have compiled a few reasons outlining the advantages of professional patching.

• Patching is able to repair only the failed asphalt
• Patching will allow you to avoid costlier repairs associated with all-new asphalt
• Most patchwork can be completed quickly

Our Patching Packages

Patching is an excellent option when things are looking rough on the surface, but the underlying base on your asphalt is still in good shape. At Cactus, the first thing we’ll determine is if patching is the right solution for you. If so, what kind of patch do you need? Depending on the condition of your asphalt, your Project Manager will recommend one of these two options:

Skin Patch

If your asphalt still has some life to it, we’ll apply a unique skin patch to replace lost surface aggregate over the affected areas. Under the right care and conditions, our highly affordable skin patches can last for years without repair or repaving.

Full Depth Patch

If the asphalt can’t be repaired with a lighter patch, then we’ll recommend a full-depth patch. That means we remove the section of asphalt that’s deteriorated and replace it. Some companies might come in with a jackhammer and leave you with a bumpy, uneven patch. Our Cactus crew will saw-cut the area and completely remove the old asphalt before we re-pour. The results? A clean, smooth surface.

Do I Need Asphalt Patching?

One of the most glaring issues with potholes outside of them damaging vehicles is that they only get worse with time. An untouched pothole will never cease growing. The degradation rate also increases during extreme weather, such as our brutal Phoenix summers. If you leave a pothole or large cracks in your asphalt, you may have to schedule entire section replacements in your pavement where a patch would have helped. During the colder months, water can seep into the concrete and generate all types of problems and headaches. At the first instance of noticing a crack, hold, or other expanding areas in your concrete, give us a call. Like most things, if you catch the problem while it’s small and manageable, the solution is must more affordable and significantly less time-consuming. We can also provide temporary patching if the weather is not permitting, effectively putting a band-aid on the issue till we can permanently repair it.

What are the Advantages of Asphalt Patching?

Instead of completely removing your pavement, asphalt patching is an affordable, efficient and quick way to provide repairs to your commercial property. Our teams are quick and effective at patching your property, allowing for very quick turnaround times and less time with an unsightly and potentially dangerous surface. It’s also significantly more affordable than full resurfacing projects. You also don’t have to worry about closing your entire parking lot or commercial driveway while we work on it and complete the job. Closing down a road or lot can cause exponential problems as you can lose business from customers, force your employees to park further away, and more. While we prefer to provide you with efficient repairs and maintenance, we are also very capable of resurfacing your pavement if it comes to it.

What is the Best Method of Fixing Potholes?

Asphalt patching is one of the best methods for fixing potholes as it effectively eliminates the pothole from existence while preventing it from getting worse over time. Even the smallest pothole on your commercial property can cause issues. Plus, over time, it will only get larger and worse. Our method of patching potholes is:

  • Effective
  • Long-lasting
  • Affordable
  • Quick
  • Requiring little downtime

What is the Difference Between Hot and Cold Asphalt Patching?

Hot Asphalt Patching

Hot asphalt patching is a long-lasting, strong product made from rock, sand, tar, and bitumen. It takes an expert with years of experience to rake the hot asphalt and level it to be the right thickness. It is applied in extremely hot temperatures. As it cools, it hardens and becomes a solid that adheres to the pavement. This takes roughly 24 hours to fully cool, harden and become safe to drive on. We carry hot asphalt in a hot asphalt box that’s insulated and heated to apply it throughout your property.

Cold Asphalt Patch

Cold asphalt patch is made from specialized asphalt polymers that we can use in any weather condition. We can apply this patch even after a rainstorm as the formulation allows us to pour it even in potholes filled with water. We do clean and remove the crack or pothole of debris, dirt, soil, and rocks before applying the patch. Cold asphalt patch is more pliable in the container. We easily pour and spread it. It’s also quick-acting and dries quickly. This method only requires about three hours to be safe to drive on.

We will be able to determine what type of asphalt patching you require once we’re on your property. While cold patching is quick and eliminates some of the issues of hot patching, it’s not a catch-all. For instance, a hot mix is ideal for filling in cracks and potholes throughout most of our warmer months. In the winter, we can use a cold patch to fill your cracks and potholes until we can reassess the situation in the summer when the pavement heats up.

For more details on our asphalt patching services, and to set up a consultation for your property, contact our professional asphalt contractor team at (623) 344-7695 or send us an email at today!