proof-barbara-munderloh“Four miles of roads, 22 parking lots, a flight ramp — you bet I’m particular about who I hire.”

Barbara Munderloh
Project Manager
Embry Riddle Aeronautical University

Embry-Riddle is a leading aeronautical university with 1600 students on a 500 acre campus in Prescott. There are 22 parking lots, 4 miles of chip sealed roads, and a flight ramp for 40 aircraft. When we first contacted Cactus three years ago, our roads and parking lots were in terrible condition. We had deferred maintenance for years and it was obvious. Our problem was resources: we had used our resources in other areas.

Brian, our Cactus sales rep, surprised us by creating a long-range plan. He suggested alternatives that would allow us to tackle the worst of our problems and hold things together until we budgeted for more resources. In fact, that became our mantra the first year: “Hold it together.” It was great – Cactus was creative enough to find solutions for our unique problems. How often do you hear a sales rep tell you, “No, you don’t really need that.” Or, “You can get by if you just do this.” We have come to expect such personalized recommendations from Cactus.

We have also come to expect excellent quality. In three years, they have never had to return regarding a quality control issue. Cactus is conscientious about everything they do. In fact, we mentioned how important it is that we do not disturb our students and student residents, so Cactus performs all our road work based on our class schedules. Currently, I’m working on a five-year maintenance plan. You can be sure that Cactus Asphalt will be a part of it.