proof-pat-mahoney“I’ve owned commercial properties for over 25 years. For my money, no one gets it done like Cactus”

Pat Mahoney
Arizona Commercial

My company buys, sells, and develops commercial real estate. I’ve been at this in the Valley for twenty-five years. There has never been a time when one of my properties didn’t need maintenance or when we weren’t in the process of building a new project.

I’ve been working with Cactus the past five years now. The main reason I stick with them is performance. They simply outperform other companies because the main decision-maker, Jake Dominy, is wired in to the day-to-day operations. Jake knows what’s going on with every job and that’s reflected in the quality of their work. This simple fact has been the case in every job they have done for me.

In addition, Cactus operates a lean organization; their response time is excellent. My experience with other companies has not always been the same prompt response. And because they’re so efficient, I get competitive prices from Cactus — I’m not paying for a lot of overhead.

Using Cactus has been beneficial for my company in intangible ways, as well. If they discover a problem, their “team” concept promptly brings it to my attention. An example was when our civil drawings for a recent construction project were drawn in such a way that, if we had followed them exactly, would have resulted in long-term drainage problems in our parking lot. Cactus caught the problem during the construction phase and quickly brought it to our attention so we could correct the mistake in the field allowing us to avoid long-term issues down the road. Cactus took the initiative to take it to the next level by providing a solution to the problem. That’s the kind of performance that keeps me coming back