Parking Lot Asphalt Repair

Parking Lot Asphalt Repair in Phoenix, Arizona

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Is It Time to Repair Your Phoenix Area Asphalt Parking Lot?

Benefits of Repairing Your Asphalt Parking Lot

Your parking lot is an important part of your business and impacts the experience of your employees and visitors. Eventually, the pavement will begin to show signs of wear and tear. Crumbling asphalt and potholes are unsightly, bothersome, and potentially dangerous. By patching your asphalt, you will provide customers, employees, and pedestrians with a superior and safer experience. You will also benefit from a decreased level of liability from trips, falls and other accidents caused by untreated cracks and holes in your blacktop.

How Do You Know It’s Time to Repair an Asphalt Parking Lot?

The Parking lot road construction from cactus asphalt at Phoenix ,AZ

Crumbling asphalt can be very frustrating and cause serious issues, such as decreased usability and increased occurrences of safety hazards. A simple inspection of your asphalt parking lot will let you know if your blacktop needs asphalt patching. Look for tripping hazards in high traffic areas, growing potholes that might cause damage to cars or equipment, or erosion that can prove costly. If you are uncertain, it might be time to contact a professional and seek their opinion. Give us a call today to request a quote.

How is Damaged Asphalt Repaired?

Parking lot repair is a simple process when done by the right crew. The primary method of repair is to mix new asphalt with existing asphalt to create a well-integrated repair. This process will create a seamless asphalt patch, which will stand the test of time. Spot repair is less invasive and more cost-effective than replacing or resurfacing the entire area.

What Can You Expect During an Asphalt Parking Lot Repair?

Every asphalt parking lot repair job is different, but with Cactus Asphalt, you can expect the best possible outcome.  We attribute our long-term success in the Phoenix, Arizona area to our professional people and superior equipment. With our professional application of the right tools, such as motor graders, paving machines, rollers, water trucks, and tankers, we’ll get the job done right. No matter how large or small your asphalt repair job may be, we’ve got the right people and equipment to get the work done efficiently, expertly, and economically.

How Much Does an Asphalt Parking Lot Repair Cost?

Blacktop repair costs will vary depending on certain factors, including the size of the area requiring asphalt repair, and the current condition of the blacktop. We give quotes for and serve businesses in and around Phoenix, Arizona.

Why Cactus Asphalt is the Right Choice for Asphalt Repairs

Cactus Asphalt has been a part of the Arizona community for more than 30 years. Our people are proud to serve customers in Phoenix, Chandler, Gilbert, Glendale, Mesa, Peoria, and beyond. We take pride in our work and in our ability to meet the unique needs of each and every customer we serve. We demonstrate this care through fairness, honesty, integrity, and professionalism. When you work with Cactus Asphalt on your asphalt parking lot repair, you can expect to work with the same person during the entire process who will see the blacktop repair through to completion and satisfaction. Contact us today to request a quote.