Parking Lot Asphalt Paving FAQ

Parking Lot Asphalt Paving FAQ

Parking Lot Repair Services in Phoenix, AZ

If you’re like most business owners in Phoenix, AZ, you likely have a lot going on every day and may not think much about your parking lot. However, this can be a mistake because your parking lot is often the first impression new customers have of your business. The team at Cactus Asphalt offers parking lot repair services, and we want to help you learn more about them with the answers to the questions we often receive. Don’t forget about your parking lot when it comes to maintaining the exterior of your business. We offer expert asphalt parking lot repair services for all types of companies throughout the Valley. Check out our parking lot asphalt paving FAQ and get in touch with us if you have any additional questions or request your free estimate.

Answers to Your Parking Lot Questions

Without further ado, let’s get down to business. Check out the answers to these frequently asked questions about parking lot repair services:

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How long do asphalt parking lots last?

If it’s installed by experts, an asphalt parking lot can last between 20 and 30 years. Factors that can impact your parking lot’s life include proper asphalt maintenance, weather conditions, your drainage plan, the quality of installation, usage and traffic, and the stability of the sub-grade.

When should I Install an asphalt parking lot?

An asphalt parking lot can be installed any time of the year. In Phoenix, we don’t have to worry about snow, although your project may need to be delayed a bit if there’s heavy rain in the area.

How long should I stay off asphalt after applying sealer?

Your parking lot needs time to completely cure after a paving job or applying sealer. Avoid any vehicle or foot traffic at your new parking lot for at least one day.

What maintenance will my parking lot need?

While parking lots can last for many years, sometimes you’ll need maintenance and repairs for potholes, seal cracks, and more. You should have lines repainted from time to time as well. We recommend sealcoating your asphalt parking lot to protect it from vehicle fluids, UV rays, and precipitation. Be sure to address any cracks immediately because water can seep below the surface of your asphalt and compromise its integrity, causing potholes. Get any potholes repaired right away because uneven surfaces in your parking lot are a liability issue.

How long before seal coating?

You should wait at least 90 days after installing a new parking lot to have it seal coated. Waiting will ensure the sealant does not damage the asphalt.

How soon can I start using my new parking lot?

After your new parking lot is installed, you should wait at least 24 hours before allowing any vehicle or foot traffic on it. Waiting at least a day will ensure your parking lot has time to cure after the paving process.
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When should I re-stripe my parking lot?

We recommend that you have your parking lot re-striped as soon as the lines start to fade. If you fail to have your parking lot re-striped soon enough, your customers may have trouble finding parking spaces. Drivers tend to park farther apart if they can’t see line striping, reducing the number of usable parking spaces in your parking lot.

Which parking lot services do you offer?

Here at Cactus Asphalt, we offer many services, including asphalt repair, asphalt patching, and blacktop repair in Phoenix, AZ. Allow our team to fix ruts or depressions in your parking lot surface because they can result in hydroplaning if not treated. We seal cracks caused by sun or water damage, poor construction, and more. Our parking lot resealing service is recommended every two to four years to protect your lot from weather damage. We offer resurfacing to extend the lifespan of your parking lot by as much as 15 years. Our team will assess your parking lot to determine if this service makes sense for you. We can also perform milling before resurfacing or to improve drainage.

Why should I repair my parking lot?

There are many benefits of repairing your parking lot. Your parking lot is an essential but often overlooked part of your business. Potholes and other issues can be dangerous and give your customers a negative first impression of your company. Keep your employees, customers, and visitors safe while reducing your liability levels.

When should I repair my parking lot?

Now that you know how vital parking lot repair services are, you’ll need to know when you should have them performed at your place of business. A simple inspection of your business’ parking lot will tell you if you require asphalt patching. Check for tripping hazards, growing potholes, or erosion. If you aren’t sure whether it’s time to schedule a parking lot repair service, get in touch with us to schedule a professional parking lot inspection and get a free quote.

What should I expect during parking lot repair?

We realize that the reason some business owners put off having their parking lot repaired is that they don’t want a lot of downtime at their place of business. We use the latest technology and equipment to get the job done right. We will stay in communication with you to let you know how the job is going and when we anticipate being finished. Every job is different.

How much does parking lot repair cost?

The cost of blacktop repair depends on many factors, such as the size of the area that requires the repair and the current condition of your blacktop. We are happy to provide quotes for businesses of all types.

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The team at Cactus Asphalt specializes in parking lot paving services in the Phoenix area. Don’t allow your parking lot to be dangerous, increase your liability, or provide a negative first impression of your business. Our asphalt experts will assess the condition of your parking lot and determine the best services. We can answer any other questions you might have and would be happy to provide you with a free estimate for service. Contact us today to get started.