Moon Valley High School

Pleasure to recommend Cactus Asphalt for parking

Project:  Moon Valley High School Parking Lot

Project Cost: $747,158.30

Scope:  Milling, Grading, Paving, Concrete, Striping, Soil Stabilization

Contact: Rick Wieferich

Phone Number: (602) 622-2698

“It is my pleasure to recommend Cactus Asphalt for parking
lot renovations. Cactus was awarded a complete tear out
and buildup of Moon Valley HS parking lots the summer
of 2016. I am the Facility Supervisor for Moon Valley
and when we were told we were getting our parking lots
renovated during the same time we have a major cafeteria
remodel going on I was very skeptical. Once Cactus got on
site, we had about 4-5 weeks to make this happen. There
were numerous obstacle’s Cactus had to jump through
to complete this job and they made it happen.. I would
recommend Cactus Asphalt for any project in the future.”

-Rick Wieferich, Facility Supervisor,
Moon Valley High School