Transport Services Frequently Asked Questions

Cactus Asphalt Provides All Asphalt Transportation Services

CT Logistics, LLC and Cactus Transport are the logistics team of Cactus Asphalt. They are the number one company for all asphalt transport services in the Southwest. We have one of the greatest construction support fleets to make sure that all of your materials are delivered. We work around the clock to ensure that we get your construction resources delivered on time to keep your project running smoothly. Cactus Transport also properly removes all waste from your construction site in accordance with local and federal laws and regulations. We are the Southwest’s largest asphalt transportation company, and with over 30 years of experience, Cactus Asphalt has delivered 300,000 tons of asphalt to the communities of Phoenix, AZ and beyond.  

You need a trustworthy and reliable team to deliver your products for your project. Otherwise, your job could come to a screeching halt, costing you money, time, and your reputation. Don’t lose the respect you have worked so hard to build in the industry. Let Cactus Transport help you by offering on-time tool and material delivery services to complete your next job, making your customers happy. We are ready to help with any sized job in the Southwest.  


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Asphalt Transport Services

Do the drivers at your transport company have the appropriate licensing? 

Cactus Transport ensures all of our employees acquire the correct licensing before ever getting behind the wheel of a transport truck, and we train them in all safety procedures and protocols. If the employees at your chosen asphalt transportation services company do not have the required license to drive the truck or handle the transported materials, you can get in serious trouble with the law. This will slow down the progress on your job and will lead to the project not getting finished on time. Don’t let unreliable companies bring the reputation you and your employees have worked so hard to build in the Southwest; hire the best! 

 Does your transport service have enough vehicles?  

We have the largest asphalt fleet for transportation and gets everything you need in one trip to keep you and your team moving along with the job. Before hiring a transport company for your next construction job, you will want to ensure that they have a fleet large enough to deliver all your materials to your site on time. Multiple trips for materials and tools can wreck your timeline on production. It could also lead to not finishing the job on time, costing you reputation and money.  

Are you prepared with all trucks to help your project run smoothly?

Cactus Transport is fully stocked with all the appropriate trucks to help you get the job done right. Your transportation services company needs to have the proper trucks to deliver certain materials to your job site. If they do not, you will have to hire multiple companies to assist with getting your project completed on time and adequately. Below is a listing of the options that we have available for you:  


Do you offer removal services? 

CT Logistics, LLC specializes in handling hazardous materials to give you peace of mind. We handle high-temperature materials and compressed gases like hydrogen, helium, nitrogen, oxygen, LP gases, sodium hypochlorite, and liquid asphalt petroleum products. A big part of your construction site’s safety is in removing hazardous material. There are many guidelines on how to handle it, and where it can get disposed. Make sure your chosen removal company is fully aware of these regulations to protect yourself, the company, and your reputation.  

Does your asphalt transport company work around the clock? 

Cactus Transport works around the clock to ensure that you get your materials when you need them. We help you stay on task and get the job completed on time. If your chosen asphalt transport company only works nine-to-five, then it becomes imperative that they stay on a strict time table. If anything goes wrong with the truck malfunctioning, they get stuck in traffic, or they can’t get to you until the next day then you could be looking at slowed production. These delays cost you valuable time, money, and could negatively affect your reputation with your customer.  

What types of vehicles are in your fleet? 

When you work with Cactus Transport, you can count on us to have every truck ready and at your disposal. Call the company with the right equipment, so you don’t have to reach out and communicate with three different dealers. Having all the of the proper vehicles for a job helps save on time. Rely on one vendor when you need asphalt, construction tools, or even extra workforce to help complete the job on time.  


Consider Cactus Transport in Phoenix, AZ for Asphalt Needs

When you need assistance with your next asphalt or construction project, count on Cactus Asphalt, as well as our subdivision companies, Cactus Transport, and CT Logistics, LLC. We make sure that your materials get delivered to the project site on time and all hazardous materials are transported safely. Our staff maintains an excellent safety rating by selecting our team members and drivers based on past performance, CSA (Compliance, Safety, Accountability) scores, and extensive experience on and off the road. Contact us today when you are ready to work with the most reliable asphalt and construction material delivery team serving Phoenix, AZ and the Southwest. 

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