Asphalt Transportation in Arizona

Reliable Asphalt Transportation Services

Cactus Asphalt is a family-owned business with over 30 years of experience in supporting our communities of Arizona and New Mexico with high-quality asphalt transportation solutions. We are the largest asphalt transportation company in the Southwest, transporting over 300,000 tons of asphalt annually.

Our Divisions

The Cactus Asphalt Transport Services for paving service at Phoenix, AZOur headquarters are housed in Arizona, along with our diverse fleet of equipment. This region is the base of operations for our asphalt rubber blending operating, computer rate-controlled spreader truck fleet, and our fleet of dump trucks. Additionally, it houses one of the largest regional fleets devoted solely to liquid asphalt transportation.


Arizona Transport Contact information:                       Blending Contact Information:
Arizona Dispatch,                                                                    Darel Dankworth Blending Manager
Tolleson, AZ                                                                             Tolleson, AZ
623-344-7699                                                                          (623) 907-2800                                 

Expert Asphalt Transportation Solutions

Cactus Asphalt offers an array of reputable asphalt transportation solutions. We ensure the maintenance of our fleet is maintained to the highest standard, and our qualified team of trained experts has the necessary experience to handle specialized equipment in the safest and most effective way, so all your company needs to focus on is your vital operations.

Tanker Transport

We offer industry-leading tanker transport services to satisfy all of your liquid material transportation requirements. Our pristine tanker trucks are designed to efficiently accommodate the transportation of liquid asphalt, emulsions, and other raw or liquid materials needed for minor to complex jobs.

Heavy Haul Transport

Our heavy haul transport service delivers needed equipment to your worksite at a moment’s notice. As experts in the asphalt industry, we realize that having your equipment present and accounted for right when you need it is an absolute must. With Cactus Asphalt transport, we make sure that you never have to worry.

Spreader Trucks

Our spreader truck solutions are tailored to your specific job needs, with a variety of truck sizes to suit an array of project requirements with ease. To avoid detrimental delays and losses, we keep our trucks in peak condition, ensuring they are equipped to handle the toughest jobs.

Dump Trucks

When your operation demands include asphalt or aggregate poured on site, our dump truck asphalt transportation operators are here to take on the responsibility with precision and unmatched expertise. With our timely delivery and keen safety protocols, we can deliver a dump truck full of your desired raw material and use our expertise to pour it for effective results.

Safe and Efficient Services You Can Trust

At Cactus Asphalt, we have a proven track record of success, and our commitment to providing efficient and reliable services has earned the trust of our loyal customers in the transportation of their fundamental business materials. We adhere to strict safety protocols carried out by experienced experts, and our dedication to high-quality, secure solutions has made us the leading choice for asphalt transportation.

Let’s Discuss Your Asphalt Transportation Needs

Our professionals are dedicated to extending our time-tested resources, industry-leading equipment, and expertise to assist you in completing your vital work in a safe and efficient manner. Contact Cactus Asphalt today to discuss your asphalt transportation needs and to learn more about our services.