Asphalt Transporting in Phoenix, AZ


More than thirty years ago, Cactus Transport in Tolleson, AZ opened its doors with two trucks and a vision. Today, our fleet has grown exponentially, as well as our service areas, but our original vision has stayed the same: treat others the way you’d like to be treated, and you’ll gain miles of respect. And that’s what sets us apart from the other guys. We’re not just out to earn your business today. We’re out to earn your trust for tomorrow.

Invite us to assist you with your next project in Tolleson or Phoenix, and we’ll show you what we mean.

cactus asphalt transportation in phoenix
cactus asphalt trucking transportation in phoenix

About Us/History

Largest Asphalt Transportation Company in the southwest

Over 300,000 tons of asphalt transported annually

Locations in Tolleson and Albuquerque


  • Arizona
  • New Mexico


With over 30 years experience in the region Cactus Transport in Tolleson, AZ has the right solution to all your asphalt trucking needs. Our headquarters are housed in Arizona along with our diverse fleet of equipment. This region is the base of operations for our Asphalt Rubber Blending operating; computer rate controlled spreader truck fleet, as well as our fleet of dump trucks. It also houses one of the largest regional fleets devoted solely to liquid asphalt transportation.

New Mexico

With almost 10 years experience in this region Cactus Transport is well equipped to deal with the changing needs of this market. Our knowledge and ability to providing an exceptional level of customer service is what sets us apart from our completion. It is also home to our CT logistics fleet, which is responsible for moving products such as bleach, and liquid oxygen.


  • Tanker Transports
  • Heavy Haul Transport
  • Spreader Trucks
  • Dump Trucks
  • Asphalt Blending
  • CT Logistics
  • Asphalt Rubber Blending

Tanker Transport

Our Transport division specializes in the transport of products with rigorous handling requirements, sensitive temperature requirements, critical delivery timing and crucial safety precautions. The company transports a diversity of products, including liquid asphalt; rubberized asphalt; and emulsions; as well as specialty oils, and chemicals.

From the refinery to the processor, from plant to plant, from plant to your project, Cactus Transport delivers safe, reliable service at a competitive price.

Cactus Transport measures its success in customer satisfaction. The company focuses on understanding your specific needs, and then develops customized services and solutions that keep your business running smoothly. From initial order to product delivery, Cactus Transport communicates with you at a personal level. It’s this close working relationship that makes Cactus Transport the best choice for your transportation needs.

Each one of our drivers must pass a mandatory driver’s safety test before getting behind the wheel. In addition, all Cactus employees are subject to pre-employment and random drug testing. With a 24 hour dispatch on duty, a fleet of well maintained trucks, and well-trained drivers, Cactus is top in the industry when it comes to transport. Our customers know that when they choose Cactus, the job gets done efficiently with safety as a top priority.

cactus asphalt tanker transportation in phoenix
cactus asphalt tanker truck transportation in phoenix
cactus asphalt tanker transport in phoenix
cactus asphalt tanker transport phoenix

Heavy Haul Transport

Our customers are the core of Cactus Transport. Because of this, we are constantly improving to better serve both long-standing and new clients.

Our exponential growth over the years has opened the door to many opportunities, including the birth of a successful asphalt construction division. Our key personnel work on both sides of the coin, and our customers benefit greatly from this unique structure. Because we’ve been there with our own construction projects, we understand how important it is for equipment to be at the job site when it needs to be there, and the equal importance of moving the equipment when it’s no longer needed. And when unique situations arise, we have the resources and knowledge to react in the best interest of our customers.

cactus asphalt heavy haul transport phoenix
cactus asphalt heavy haul tractor transport phoenix
cactus asphalt heavy oversized load transport phoenix

Computer Rate Controlled Spreader Trucks

With the state’s largest fleet of Computer Rate Controlled (CRC) spreader trucks, Cactus has the resources for any size job. We offer three different sizes of state and federally certified trucks that are capable of fog, prime, tack, and rubberized asphalt procedures.

  • Our large trucks are used for long open highway jobs, and can last longer between refills.
  • Our medium and small trucks handle commercial and residential work, and have a tighter turning radius. Our drivers have experience with federal, state, county, city, commercial, and private jobs.
  • Our rubberized asphalt trucks are configured to deal with that added strain liquid rubberized asphalt can produce. These trucks are set up with agitation in the tanks and slightly different components that all help to produce the perfect finished product.
  • We also have “pup” trailers that each spreader truck can trailer to their truck to increase their daily capacity without potentially needing a recharge while on your project.

Our key strength is our versatility. We are able to spread oil on Interstate 17 in the morning, and in the same afternoon prep the parking lot of the Cardinals Stadium. That’s the Cactus difference.

Cactus Asphalt Computer Rate Controlled Spreader Trucks
Cactus Asphalt Computer Rate Controlled Spreader Trucks in Phoenix
Computer Rate Controlled Spreader Trucks in Phoenix
Computer Rate Controlled Spreader Trucks Cactus Asphalt in Phoenix

Dump Truck Services

Cactus Transport offers a high degree of flexibility with our fleet of 10 and 16 wheeler dump trucks that can haul anything from aggregate to hot asphalt cement. Our drivers are trained extensively to deliver to all kinds of lay down machines to ensure every production job is serviced efficiently and effectively.

Cactus Asphalt dump truck services in phoenix
dump truck services in phoenix
cactus asphalt dump trucks for asphalt in phoenix

CT Logistics LLC

A hazmat transportation company dedicated to serving the industry and its customers with excellence in customer service and safety always a priority. With our experienced and knowledgeable staff we are confident we can handle all your hazmat tanker needs.

CT Logistics specializes in compressed gases, including but not limited to hydrogen, helium, nitrogen and oxygen, LP gases, sodium hypochlrite, and liquid asphalt petroleum products.

We maintain an excellent safety rating; hand selecting our drivers based on past performance, CSA scores, and extensive experience.

Working as an innovative and creative team, our customers are assured that their product will be transported in the most timely and safest manner available. Please speak to one our staff members for rates and availability. We look forward to giving you a refreshing experience in customer service.

CT logistics for transportation of gases in Phoenix
ct logistics hydrogen gas transportation in phoenix
ct logistics compressed gas transportation in phoenix
petroleum and other gas transport in phoenix

Contact Us

Arizona Transport Contact information:
 Jason Hoffman, Arizona Transport Manager
Tolleson, AZ
(602) 616-5088
New Mexico Transport Contact information:
Melissa Long, Terminal Manager
Albuquerque, NM
(505) 506-0886
Blending Contact Information:
Darel Dankworth Blending Manager
Tolleson, AZ
(623) 907-2800