Seal Coating Frequently Asked Questions

High-Quality Asphalt Seal Coating Services

Cactus Asphalt has years of experience providing the services property owners require to keep their homes and businesses looking inviting. In some cases, our services help business owners remain code-compliant and even limit liability concerns. For instance, worn-down and pothole-filled asphalt driveways or parking lots can damage vehicles and pose potential injury risks. We provide a comprehensive collection of services to our clients, including seal coating. Phoenix, AZ properties of all kinds can benefit from seal coating, which prevents your investment. When our customers ask us questions, we’re more than happy to answer them. Below are some of the most commonly-asked questions.

What is Asphalt Seal Coating?

There are numerous reasons to love living in Arizona, starting with nearly 365 days a year of bursting sunlight. Unfortunately, while Phoenix’s gorgeous weather might be great for barbeques and baseball games, it’s not great for asphalt surfaces. Harsh sunlight will gradually degrade any asphalt surface, but seal coating will make your driveway or parking lot last longer. Cactus Asphalt uses a specialized process to protect your asphalt surfaces from not only sunlight, but repeated traffic, weather patterns, and exposure to moisture. It is a clay-stabilized, mineral-filled asphalt emulsion, which we modify into tire rubber. Adding it to asphalt creates a durable barrier that ensures a longer lifespan.

When Should I Call a Seal Coating Company?

We recommend contacting Cactus Asphalt once every few years for a touchup to your driveway or parking lot’s seal coating. While our process results in a durable asphalt surface, it isn’t invulnerable and requires a little extra attention. Depending on how well-used your surface is – and what kind of vehicles travel on it – a once every two-or-three-years schedule is perfect.

What Kind of Seal Coating is Available to Me?

One of the benefits of working with Cactus Asphalt is our willingness to work directly with our clients and discover the best material for the job. Some contractors or companies use concrete to pave a driveway or asphalt, so we approach that material differently than asphalt. No matter the surface material, there’s an effective solution. We primarily work with:

  • Coal tar emulsion
  • Oil-based sealants
  • Asphalt emulsion
  • Fast-dry sealants
  • Acrylic

How Do Asphalt Companies Prepare a Surface for Seal Coating?

Seal coating is a process, and Cactus Asphalt has got it down pat. There isn’t much to do to get ready for seal coating. However, we do ask you to clear your driveway or parking lot from all vehicles, equipment, dumpsters, or any other removable items covering the surface. Don’t worry about cleaning your driveway or parking lot. We’ll take care of the sweeping and cleaning, including power cleaning (if needed).

How Does Cactus Asphalt Apply Asphalt Seal Coating

We use either a spray or squeegee application method to apply the seal coating. However, we feel a spray results in a better and more uniform appearance. Because it is more consistent, it will wear evenly over time.

How Long Will My Driveway Be Out of Commission?

It will vary based on a set of circumstances. For instance, both sun exposure and temperature play a role in how long it takes for the seal coat to dry. In most cases, Phoenix residents can expect to regain full access to their driving and walking surfaces sometime after 24 hours. We’ll be sure to communicate this information once we finish the project.

Will Cactus Asphalt Add Sand to Seal Coating

Most manufacturers of seal coating materials recommend adding sand to the application process. There are several reasons for this, including increasing the solid content in proportion to liquid, minimizing glare, preventing wear, lessening skidding, and more. While some contractors don’t enjoy adding sand to their process due to the complication it adds to the application process; Cactus Asphalt doesn’t let that stop us. We have the experience required to apply a sand mixture during the seal coating experience.

Contact Cactus Asphalt to Enjoy Seal Coating

If the color of your asphalt surface is fading from black to grey, has cracks, or there are sandy deposits in the corners of your lot, then seal coating is the right choice for preserving your property. Seal coating will extend the life of your asphalt, reduce the impact of the desert sun’s UV rays, maintain oil and aggregate levels, and enhance its appearance. Also, in addition, to seal coating, we offer a wide array of other services, including crack sealing, patching, and striping. To learn more about Cactus Asphalt and what we have to offer, we encourage you to contact us today. We’ll be glad to tell you more about asphalt seal coating.