Site Grading

xojptswx5a8cat0t1qflldyajm1cmztsb8g2w02ehoaIf your plans call for new buildings, parking lots or roads, call Cactus Asphalt to handle all the work- from excavation to precision site grading and pad preparation.

We’ll begin your project as we do every project: with a thorough site inspection and analysis. This is where experience makes a difference, enabling us to verify that the grades on your current construction plans match those on-site. Then, our experienced crew will clear and grub the site.

Using motor graders and scrapers, we’ll cut and fill where necessary according to your engineer’s design. If required, Cactus also has extensive experience mixing cement or a lime-treated base. When finished, your site will be ready to build, exactly to specifications.

dcxcflrv0nzd_1w3pvtb7e-unbyt9fc_gfhyit6t2subw6n-94jjbhmi420wnea0y5laa6g5kl425f_2q1c95qCount on Cactus for expert work at competitive rates. More than that, count on Cactus to give your project the attention and personal service it deserves.

Give us a chance and we’ll prove it. (623) 207-8391. Or email: