Dust Control Services in Phoenix, AZ

service_dust-control_01Dust has become one of the country’s most sensitive environmental issues. As a result, various government agencies have enacted strict dust control laws. Cactus is on the forefront of this new issue. In fact, one of our site locations was nominated for the Air Quality Honor Roll, created by Maricopa County Board of Supervisors in association with the Maricopa County Air Quality Department. Cactus is very proud to be recognized by the public for taking great strides in keeping Phoenix’s air clean and we strive to set the bar even higher with each project.

We carry a line of approved dust palliatives to reduce dust, stabilize soil, and lower the risk of costly fines. Our line of products includes co-polymers,
paraffinic resins, and decomposed granite. We also offer the services necessary to meet all your needs:
• Dirt preparation
• Application of products
• On-site storage

service_dust-control_02ADVANTAGES OF DUST CONTROL
• Controls soil erosion
• Environmentally safe
• Meets government regulations
• Reduces dirt and mud tracking
• Conserves resources by eliminating the need to water

Give us a chance and we’ll prove it. (623) 207-8391. Or email: info@cactusasphalt.com