Asphalt Blending in Phoenix, AZ

Cactus Transport provides mobile on or off site blending services for the production of asphalt rubber binder. Our specialized equipment is capable of producing uniform asphalt rubber binder’s and modified binders including polymer (PMAR). We can pull virgin asphalt cement from your tank farm or from transports. With our experience we can mobilize to your site and typically within 24 hours of arrival our plant is set up and ready to produce binder. A typical setup would be on the first day plant is delivered and set in place with partial setup started, on the second day plant setup is completed and the plant is test fired and is ready to be certified or begin production.

Cactus Transport has air quality permits for numerous air quality/pollution control districts. Dependent on the district requirements Cactus pulls line power provided by the producer or pulls power from our generator.

Cactus Transport employees pride themselves on a safe and clean work environment with respect of the host company policies and procedures.

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