Asphalt Services Frequently Asked Questions

Cactus Asphalt’s Services Available in Phoenix, AZ

It’s not about how many services we offer Phoenix, AZ, and surrounding Southwest cities; it’s about providing the correct one. And while we do offer many different asphalt services to help with your next project, we will begin the process by surveying the job site to ensure we provide you with the appropriate ones. We aren’t out to upsell or offer services not needed for your project. We want to help get the project completed on time and efficiently.  Once we have gathered an understanding of what exactly is required, we will create a personalized plan of attack and incorporate your needs and budget.

Frequently Asked Question About Asphalt Services

What is your process after taking the job?

It’s our promise to you to secure the results you want, with the resources to make it happen. Once we take the job, we will first survey the job site and project. We examine the existing conditions, wear and tear it has taken, your new plans for how it will get used if there is proper drainage, and whether we should use concrete or asphalt based on the assessment. 

Does Cactus Asphalt work with concrete as well? 

We do! We are the number one name in Phoenix, AZ when it comes to asphalt AND concrete. We have the tools, knowledge, and experience to help you lay a new walkway, parking area, or concrete valley gutter system. If you are confused about which one is the better option, we can discuss the benefits of both when you call for a free estimate on your project. 

Why choose asphalt over concrete? 

There is an argument for either material on the same projects, but here are some points from the pros to help you make the best decision for your budget and job site. Speaking of budget, asphalt is going to be kinder to your initial budget, while concrete will last longer because of its durability. Asphalt is repairable though, while concrete can only get replaced should something happen. You can also do more fun things with concrete because you can mold it into different designs and styles. Cactus Asphalt can work with either material,  and we will help you decide which option is best.  

How long does asphalt/concrete take to dry? 

Asphalt can take up to one year to fully cure, but you don’t have to wait that amount of time before you can utilize the new area. If you can spare the time, three days would be the best option, but if you are working on a busy road or driveway, you only need 24 hours to allow to dry. Concrete only takes 28 days to cure fully but has the same amount of time that it needs to dry enough to use. You will want to keep heavy equipment off it for at least one week.   

How long does asphalt/concrete last?

If you decide asphalt is the way to go, expect it to last 20+ years with resealing every 3-5 years to help with general maintenance. Concrete, if treated with care, can last 40+ years! While it is a more expensive cost upfront, the longevity accounts for the extra cost.  

When would I need to get crack or chip sealing?  

If you notice that water is seeping into the cracks in your asphalt and is no longer running off the edges, it’s time to look into sealing treatments. These are much more cost-effective than repaving the entire area and allow your space to survive for years. No matter how well the job was done initially, these cracks will happen over time. They can occur quicker depending on the amount of erosion and weathering the asphalt is regularly facing. Cactus Asphalt can save you thousands and extend your pavement’s life with our crack sealing services.  

What is chip sealing?

Chip sealing is the process of applying liquid asphalt followed by crushed aggregate. Then, pneumatic rollers embed the aggregate into the fresh liquid asphalt. You can use this technique when beginning a new project or are working on maintenance. Cactus Asphalt offers this at a fraction of the cost of paving and will give new life to your weathered and aging pavement.  

What is seal coating?

The process of seal coating was created to extend the life of your pavement and protect it from weathering and the aging process. We begin applying a clay-stabilized, mineral-filled asphalt emulsion, that gets modified with rubber from tires on top of the pavement. This new durable barrier helps sustain the life of your roadway. It will also renew the look at a much lower price point than a replacement.  

What is asphalt fabric overlay?

An asphalt fabric overlay, or paving fabric, is a geotextile material that is composed of polypropylene fibers or polyester fibers and a liquid asphalt tack coat. This service will help when your roadway is in good condition, but has cracks, has aged, or been oxidized. We use the existing asphalt as a base to lay a new layer down to protect it from water, diminish reflective cracking, and make your pavement look like new.  

Rely on Cactus Asphalt for All of Your Asphalt Services

From tennis courts to potholes and crack sealing, Mesa, Peoria, Glendale, Gilbert, Chandler and the Southwest have come to rely on the asphalt services offered by our professional team at Cactus Asphalt for over 39 years. We are the number one name in the asphalt business and take pride in providing you with the resources you need to help get the job done on time.  Call us and get your free estimate on your next asphalt or concrete services. 

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