High-Quality Asphalt Installation Services in Phoenix, AZ

For nearly 40 years, Cactus Asphalt has remained at the top of the list for reliable asphalt installation services in the Phoenix area. Our decades of expertise have allowed us to perfect the process. Whether you need asphalt paving, seal coating, or site grading services, our work speaks for itself. Please view our portfolio to see how we can help you beautify your residential or commercial property with a smooth asphalt or concrete surface on your parking lot, or walkways. Leaving your surfaces chipped or cracked can create an unfavorable first impression and negatively impact your property value. Let us help you increase your curb appeal with new asphalt installation or ongoing pavement maintenance.

The Valley of the Sun’s Residential & Commercial Asphalt Experts

Commonly referred to as the Valley of the Sun, Phoenix boasts gorgeous weather year-round. This makes it a desirable destination for many people to put down roots and for many businesses to set up shop. If your home or business could use asphalt installation or maintenance services, Cactus Asphalt would be happy to be at your service. Rely on us for all your asphalt needs, including the following:

Asphalt Installation: If you’re looking to redo an entire parking lot, asphalt makes a superior choice over concrete because it’s stain-resistant and easy to repair and maintain. We specialize in new asphalt installation for Phoenix-area homes and businesses.

Mobile Asphalt Blending Services in PhoenixAsphalt Blending: From uniform asphalt rubber binder to modified binders including polymer, we’re equipped to provide mobile and off-site asphalt blending services in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area. We’re typically able to set up our binder production process within 24 hours for your convenience.

Pavement & Asphalt Striping: Thanks to our full-service pavement and asphalt striping team in Phoenix, we’re able to take care of all your commercial paving needs any time, day or night. Line striping is an essential part of parking lot maintenance, as it keeps pedestrians and drivers safe while on your property. Spacing your parking lines evenly helps improve parking conditions and your curb appeal.

Asphalt Paving: While you have many asphalt paving companies to choose from in the Phoenix area, it pays to choose one who will take the time to evaluate your needs. We’ll perform a thorough on-site inspection, considering factors such as traffic, usage, weather conditions, and drainage issues, before beginning any asphalt paving work. We want to ensure that we’ve eliminated any problems that affected your old asphalt so that your new asphalt will last longer.

Site Grading: Cactus Asphalt is capable of providing precision site grading for Phoenix-area buildings, parking lots, and roads. Our many years of experience and specialized equipment give us a leg up on the competition. Once we’re finished with your site grading and pad preparation, it will be ready to go.

Seal Coating: Seal coating is a process primarily used to protect and extend the life of your asphalt pavement. Cactus Asphalt’s team specializes in seal coating to help Phoenix property owners reduce the impact of ultraviolet rays from the area’s year-round sunshine. Let us keep your asphalt looking like new with our seal coating expertise, an investment that practically pays for itself over time.

Crack Sealing: Asphalt is not built to last forever. It will eventually crack due to erosion, weathering, traffic, and other factors outside your control. However, Cactus Asphalt provides crack sealing services for the Phoenix Metro Area when that happens. Crack sealing helps to seal out water to prevent damage. Call us today to find out how we can help extend the life of your asphalt pavement!

Asphalt Patching: Over time, your asphalt may begin to show noticeable signs of wear and tear, including potholes and cracks. We provide asphalt patching for Phoenix-area properties that have seen better days. Most asphalt patching work can be completed quickly, and it usually helps you avoid costlier repairs in the future.

Chip Sealing: Thanks to our chip sealing capabilities, your asphaltMingus High School Parking Lot Improvements pavement will provide a smoother ride. Chip sealing repairs surface cracks and can be a cost-effective means of protection for your parking lot. We provide both single chip sealing and double chip sealing that’s been specially formulated to meet Arizona road requirements.

Asphalt Rubber Chip Sealing: Asphalt rubber chip sealing acts like a coated membrane over your asphalt surface to help increase its durability and longevity. Our crew has installed asphalt rubber chip seals across residential and municipal roads across Arizona for nearly 40 years. Count on us to provide your property with the best asphalt rubber installation and maintenance services.

Asphalt Fabric Overlay: You can avoid removing and replacing your asphalt pavement thanks to our asphalt fabric overlay installations. Our team only uses the best asphalt fabric overlay products available to make our services as cost-effective as possible. Your old layer of asphalt becomes the base, so you don’t have to worry about a more expensive asphalt replacement.

Concrete Application: While much of what we do is asphalt-related, we’re also equipped to provide concrete applications in the Phoenix area. Whether you want a concrete walkway or decorative concrete installed to reflect the character of your home or business, we’d be happy to provide a concrete consultation to explain its many benefits.

Site Development: Cactus Asphalt offers site development for residential and commercial properties in the Phoenix area. Using top-of-the-line equipment and the latest techniques, we’re capable of repaving existing asphalt surfaces, building on top of old asphalt, repurposing land, and more.

Dust Control Services: We care about keeping Phoenix’s air clean. We offer approved dust palliatives to help reduce the amount of dust on your property, as well as many dust control services. Meet government regulations for dust control with our expert assistance.

Dedicated to Offering You Exceptional Service

As you can see, we offer a lot of asphalt-related services at Cactus Asphalt. However, the most important thing to us is that we offer you the right service. That’s why we start every job by surveying your project carefully to determine existing conditions, expected use, wear-and-tear, drainage, and so on. Once we understand your particular situation, we’ll tailor a solution to meet your needs and budget. That’s what we mean by individualized service. And that’s why, at Cactus, one of the leading asphalt companies in Phoenix, you always get the right surface. Contact us today to request an estimate for asphalt installation and more in the Phoenix area!