Asphalt Services in Mesa, AZ

Cactus Asphalt Helps Your Pavement Survive Mesa, AZ Heat

You don’t need Cactus Asphalt to tell you the weather in Mesa, AZ is stifling hot. Property owners need to be mindful of the effect extreme heat has on the asphalt on their property and adjust accordingly. Arizona’s climate challenges property owners to prevent long-term damage and decreases in the lifespan of the asphalt itself. For instance, heat increases oxidation, which gradually degrades the quality of pavement – mainly by turning it grey. Paving contractors in Mesa, AZ know how to rectify these issues. Also, because Mesa, AZ is in the middle of the desert, there are fluctuations in temperature, especially during winter. These fluctuations can cause cracking and changes to the stability of the surface. Cactus Asphalt provides a variety of services to both residential and commercial Mesa, AZ customers that extend the life of their asphalt services.

Our Mesa, AZ Asphalt Services

So how does Cactus Asphalt adjust to the wild temperature fluctuations in Mesa, AZ? Paving contractors who know what they’re doing understand it takes a comprehensive collection of services and Cactus Asphalt offers them. We’re committed to helping residential and commercial property owners keep their driveways and parking lots looking inviting. Our goal is to boost your curb appeal and create a better driving experience for those who visit your property. We have a team of highly skilled pavers in Mesa, AZ. We have our full-time paving operation, so we don’t rely on rented equipment or subcontracted labor. We respect your vision and take meeting your goals seriously. Our Mesa, AZ paving services include:

  • Asphalt installation: We know how to install durable asphalt, a crucial component in working in the desert climate of Mesa, AZ. One benefit of asphalt is that it is cost-effective and easily repaired.
  • Paving: Our paving services apply to a wide array of situations, including new property development, roads, driveways, and parking garages. We’ve been paving for over 30 years, and it’s our bread and butter.
  • Grading: We’re not just paving contractors. Mesa, AZ contractors rely on Cactus Asphalt for grading services. We handle excavation, precision site grading, and pad preparation, from beginning to end.
  • Seal coating: Seal coating is a process that protects asphalt and pavement services and ensures they last a long time. Weather, traffic, and moisture all play a role in degrading pavement surfaces, but seal coating is an effective remedy. Mesa, AZ pavement can use seal coating.
  • Chip and crack sealing: Cactus Asphalt uses chip sealing to remedy flaws that arise from cracks in your concrete surfaces. Our Mesa, AZ pavement specialists use this method to fill in the cracks and protect the driving and parking surface, adding years to the concrete’s lifespan.
  • Striping: Cactus Asphalt provides highly-skilled striping to Mesa, AZ. Our paving contracts know how to paint straight and precise parking lines, directional arrows, and wheelchair-accessible signs on your parking lot and garage surfaces.
  • And much more

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Cactus Asphalt has provided superior asphalt services to Mesa, AZ for over 30 years. We’re a family-owned company, so we understand the value of personal relationships. We’re flexible, mobile, and own our equipment. More importantly, we have a highly qualified team of paving, striping, and asphalt specialists on hand. Contact Cactus Asphalt today to get started.