Professional Asphalt Paving Services in Arizona

How Often Do You Need Asphalt Paving Services?

Asphalt is a durable and reliable material used to pave driveways, roads, and highways across the country. It is no surprise that the National Asphalt Paving Association states that in the US, there are more than 2.6 million miles of paved roads, with nearly 95% of those roads containing asphalt. Meaning the chances you have a road paved with asphalt are incredibly high. But while the tough substance can hold the heavy weight of automobiles and endure the outdoor elements with ease, it’s not immune to wear down over time, and that’s where asphalt paving comes into play.

asphalt paving servicesAsphalt paving services give your pavement, parking lot, or driveway the revitalization it needs to stay as fresh and functional as it was the day it was first paved. With asphalt paving, also known as asphalt resurfacing, you can keep your blacktop surfaces durable, making your original investment into your pavement worth it by adding just a little extra funds to ensure the asphalt won’t crack or wear, leading to unsightly curb appeal and endangering the health and safety of the people who use it.

At Cactus Asphalt, we boast an outstanding asphalt paving service, including pavement maintenance in Phoenix, AZ. Serving the metropolitan area and its surrounding regions with exceptional care spearheaded by passionate industry professionals, you can guarantee the good health of your asphalt now and for years to come. Below, we’ve highlighted the essential paving services and when you need them.

All About Asphalt Paving Services

Our talented team here at Cactus Asphalt thoroughly analyzes your property and your particular needs to formulate the best possible paving plan for your commercial or residential property. During our on-site inspection, we assess all possible factors that will affect your asphalt, including but not limited to weather, usage, drainage, and traffic, and consequently create the most cost-effective game plan accordingly.

Despite the best paving preparation and execution, you will need to resurface your asphalt sooner or later, even if you’ve taken excellent care of it over the years. Patching and repairing only go so far- sometimes, it takes full resurfacing to maintain the excellent look and appearance of your driveway or lot.

Resurfacing is the best option for your asphalt when its condition is still decent, it has not surpassed its full life cycle, and there is no excessive destruction, such as deep or wide cracks. It’s essential to resurface your asphalt before it gets damaged beyond repair, which would mean starting paving from scratch and taking a heavy hit to your savings account.

Asphalt resurfacing is more comprehensive than other paving services, like resealing and seal coating. The former removes your old layer of asphalt by several inches to leave space for new asphalt to be placed. The latter is used more frequently during standard maintenance to repair seal cracks, enhancing the health and aesthetic of your pavement.

How Often Should You Be Resurfacing Your Asphalt?

There is no one answer to how often you should resurface your asphalt. As the property owner, you should keep your eye out for various factors that could be undermining your asphalt’s health unnoticed. Such elements as your asphalt’s age and if it has an underlay should be taken into account.

Of course, how often your asphalt is used is also essential in determining when to get a resurface. Major roads need resurfacing every 10-15 years to stay smooth and safe, but personal driveways can go 20 or more years without resurfacing if maintained well. Remember that if the asphalt has been paved over an existing surface, you should consider resurfacing it sooner. Contrary to what you may think, parking lots are more prone to damage and wear and tear as they are used frequently, so we recommend resurfacing around the 10 or 15-year mark.

How to Tell When It’s Time for Paving Services

If your asphalt is in poor condition, you shouldn’t wait until the typical time frame to get it serviced. As soon as you notice uncommon wear and tear, cracks or chips in the pavement, potholes, color fading, or warping or sinking, you should immediately address the issue by contacting an asphalt company. The sooner you fix the problem, the sooner you’ll ensure it won’t grow into something costlier and out of control. Asphalt paving services are crucial for the security of the people using the pavement and elevate your outdoor appeal, featuring a win-win all around.

The Preparation, Installation, & Aftercare of Asphalt Paving

Thanks to our comprehensive services, our contractors at Cactus Asphalt will do all the preparation work for you. That includes property assessment first and foremost, followed by the removal of the old, damaged surface. We’ll then grade and slope the surface and prepare the sub-base to ensure the future one will be smooth before adding the binder to stick to the new and fresh asphalt. Once we install the new surface, we’ll use butt joints and a roller truck to smooth any remaining bumps in the surface for a seamless driving experience upon completion.

To maximize the process, you can follow a few vital steps once our work is done so that you can enjoy your flawless asphalt pavement for years to come. Letting the asphalt fully dry for 24 hours after the project is crucial, so be sure not to drive or even walk over the pavement. We’ll provide clear instructions for your particular situation, as we know each job has its unique set of necessities. Other important elements in paving aftercare include keeping the surface clean, encouraging slow driving, removing snow or ice immediately, avoiding seal coating for several months following resurfacing, and getting rid of weeds as soon as possible, which can cause cracks if left grow unruly.

Avoid Pavement Damage to Ensure Your Asphalt’s Health

Once the aftercare of your paving service is complete, you, as the property owner, should regularly check and maintain your asphalt for long-lasting safety, performance, and attractive appearance.

You can effectively avoid damage to your commercial lot or private driveway and extend their lifespan by regularly engaging in certain practices. seal coating and chip sealing will minimize the destruction of existing damage while simultaneously elevating the asphalt’s aesthetic appeal by giving it an extra boost of shine. At Cactus Asphalt, we advise doing so every two or three years, depending on your pavement’s condition.

Another essential way to maintain your asphalt to its highest potential is by repairing problems as soon as they arise. If you leave a crack unkempt, it can easily grow into an issue that’s out of control, meaning you’ll have to dig deep into your pockets to adjust a problem that could have been a quick fix earlier on. So, conduct thorough and frequent assessments of your asphalt and nip problems in the bud as soon as possible so that you can enjoy a smooth driveway or lot in the long run.

Why Hire a Professional Paving Company?

When it comes to treating your driveway, parking lot, or pavement with top-tier care, it’s essential to enlist the help of a capable asphalt paving company to complete the job with professional care and the industry’s most high-quality tools and materials.

A quality asphalt company goes the extra mile to offer comprehensive assistance throughout all areas of your project, from preparation and assessment to seamless execution and an effective clean-up afterward with minimal interruptions to your daily routine. This way, all you need to do is sit back and enjoy your pavement becoming as smooth and clean as day one.

Get Started With Cactus Asphalt

Here at Cactus Asphalt, we’re a proud paving company that’s served Phoenix and its surrounding communities with outstanding services for residential and commercial clients for over 39 years. In addition to our comprehensive asphalt paving services, we provide new construction paving, crack and chip sealing, seal coating, patching, dust control, site development, and more.

As your one-stop shop for all things asphalt, you can trust us to assess, execute, and maintain your pavement effectively. Moreso, we boast the experience, resources, and dedication to complete the job flawlessly, leaving you undoubtedly with the most pristinely paved driveway down the block. We operate by placing customer service at the forefront of our business, which is why so many past clients return to us to ensure an efficient project with impressive results. Ready to get started with your asphalt paving? Contact us today to learn more, get a free estimate, or book a consultation.