Cactus Asphalt Tells You About Our Paving Process in Phoenix, AZ

At Cactus Asphalt, we provide numerous asphalt paving services in Phoenix, AZ. We can help customers pave nearly any area, and one of our most popular projects is driveways. One common question we receive is whether or not it’s possible to lay new asphalt over an existing concrete driveway. Many homeowners want to know if this is possible because their concrete driveway may be cracking or breaking, and asphalt is often a more affordable option than repouring concrete. While it’s technically possible, we do not recommend laying asphalt over an existing concrete driveway, and we’re here to tell you why. Continue reading to learn more about our opinion on a project like this, and feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.

Is It Possible to Lay Asphalt over Existing Concrete?

The simple answer to this question is yes. However, even though it is possible to lay asphalt over your concrete driveway, it is not recommended. There are significant downsides to doing so, which can lead to problems down the road that you’ll have to fix. Rather than laying new asphalt over existing concrete, we recommend fully removing the concrete driveway first, then prepping the area before laying the new asphalt in the same place. This will ensure your driveway is strong enough to last for many years.

Laying Asphalt Over Concrete Isn’t the Best Idea

At Cactus Asphalt, we do not recommend putting asphalt over your existing concrete driveway. While many homeowners think this could be a good way to save money on your project, it may end up costing you more money in the long run, especially if you’re planning to live in your home long-term. Asphalt and concrete require different support systems underneath, which means an asphalt driveway laid over the top of a concrete driveway will likely not have the support it needs to last.

Asphalt and Concrete Use Different Sub Base Systems

Concrete and asphalt driveways require different site preparation before installation. Before pouring a concrete driveway, contractors do little preparation of the ground underneath. Obviously, they ensure the surface is level, but no underlying support is laid. A contractor may simply decide to lay a thicker slab of concrete if stability is a concern. On the other hand, asphalt driveways require the installation of a sub-base, which is usually a layer of crushed gravel to provide additional support. If you lay asphalt over a concrete driveway, you’ll be missing this critical part of the equation. This means that if any issues were to arise with the concrete underneath, such as shifting or heaving of the slab due to ground changes, it can potentially damage the new asphalt on top.

It Could Affect the Longevity of Your Driveway

While laying asphalt over a concrete driveway may look great at first, there are sure to be an issue over time. It may seem like the best way to save money, but it really doesn’t make financial sense to complete your project this way. With concrete underneath, your new asphalt driveway is sure to need work in the future, and it could cost you a lot of money. Asphalt driveways last longer and look better when they’re constructed properly from the beginning. By choosing to first pull up the concrete and install a proper base before laying asphalt, you’ll produce a driveway that lasts longer, looks better, and requires less maintenance.

Asphalt Maintenance Solutions

At Cactus Asphalt, we are your local experts for all things paving in Phoenix, AZ. If for some reason you do have an asphalt driveway that was installed over a concrete slab, we can provide the maintenance solutions you need to keep it in decent shape. We also provide regular pavement maintenance, like seal coating, crack sealing, and more. Whether it’s your driveway, parking lot, or commercial roadway, we’re can provide maintenance services to keep your asphalt paved surface strong and durable for years to come.

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