Asphalt Pavement Maintenance in Phoenix, AZ

Cactus Asphalt Can Help with Pavement Maintenance in Phoenix

For more than 30 years, Cactus Asphalt has been among Phoenix’s leaders in asphalt paving services. As a family-owned paving company in the Valley of the Sun, we recognize the importance of pavement maintenance to protect against harsh climate conditions, which is why we emphasize it as part of our reliable asphalt and concrete services. Our friendly team can help you understand the reasons why maintaining your asphalt is essential as well as ways to ensure it happens. We are here to work for you, so call us today.

Proper Maintenance Can Extend Your Pavement’s Longevity

Exposure to the elements, especially fluctuations in temperatures, can distress the asphalt or concrete that comprises your road pavement or home foundations. Such distress can expedite pavement deterioration and shorten its lifespan. However, pavement maintenance can delay any concrete repair needs and save you money in the long run. Cactus Asphalt can utilize several pavement maintenance techniques to keep your road in tip-top shape, including:

  • Concrete sealing – We can use seal coats to address any minor issues in your pavement before they worsen. Sealants can be poured into cracks as large as two inches as permanent solutions.
  • Bonding – Cactus Asphalt can introduce bonding materials to increase your pavement’s strength and improve its performance over time.
  • Milling – We can level and resurface your pavement in Phoenix, AZ by removing debris from potholes and filling them with new material, creating a smooth surface.

Increase the Value of Your Pavement

Concrete or asphalt resurfacing is an expensive, time-consuming process that can significantly disrupt normal operations. It is much less costly to perform regular maintenance and upkeep than it is to complete large-scale concrete repair or leveling projects. You want to get the most out of your initial investment, and Cactus Asphalt can help. Our paving contractors can maintain your concrete and asphalt so that you can avoid critical repair needs. Call our friendly, knowledgeable staff today to learn more about our valuable pavement maintenance techniques.

Pavement Maintenance Enhances Your Curb Appeal

Pavement, whether asphalt or concrete, is an eye-catching element of any home or business. Homeowners work hard to make their yards and houses look good, so it makes sense to ensure their patios, walkways, and sidewalks are also appealing and free of cracks. Curb appeal is arguably even more important for Phoenix-area business owners. If you own a customer-facing business, you do not want to present the appearance of apathy or lack of attention to the walkway in front of your storefront or the parking lot where your patrons leave their cars. If either area is full of cracks or potholes, your clients may begin to doubt the way you handle operations in general, thus damaging your business’s reputation. Cactus Asphalt can provide proper pavement maintenance to ensure your home or business looks good and remains free of any issues.

Improve the Safety of Your Concrete or Asphalt

In addition to looking good, you want your concrete and asphalt to perform well and keep your family or customers safe. Unmaintained pavement can cause harm to pedestrians as well as damage to vehicles. If one of your business’s customers or a member of your family step into a pothole or trips because of uneven pavement, he or she could sustain a significant injury. And those driving through your parking lot or in your driveway can be vulnerable to punctured tires, alignment issues, and problems to their cars’ undercarriages if there are holes in the pavement or uneven portions of the lot. Cactus Asphalt provides concrete and asphalt services that repair or maintain your spaces and reduce your liability.

Prevent Problems Before They Arise with Pavement Maintenance

What may seem like a minor crack in your parking lot or patio can quickly transform into a wide gulf or major issue that must be addressed immediately. It is best to remedy such a concern at the first sign of a problem. Cactus Asphalt can seal, bond, or mill such cracks to help maintain your pavement in Phoenix, AZ and prevent further inconveniences. In addition to protecting yourself and others, you will help keep repair costs low. The longer you wait to perform leveling, resurfacing, or sealing repairs, the more expensive the project becomes. Call our team of experts today to nip your problems in the bud.

Experience New Comfort Levels by Maintaining Your Pavement

In addition to being safer and more aesthetically pleasing, properly-maintained pavement is simply more comfortable than pavement that has bumps, cracks, and potholes. Whether you are driving your car, riding your bike, or taking a stroll through a parking lot or down a roadway, it is significantly easier and more comfortable to do so on a flat surface. Bumpy parking lots may even dissuade customers from visiting your establishment because of how they feel when they arrive. Cactus Asphalt can help maintain your pavement for the benefit of you and others.

Contact Cactus Asphalt for Pavement Maintenance Today

Everyone has experienced the feeling of driving or walking on distressed pavement. Not only is it unpleasant, but it can also be hazardous. The poorly-maintained pavement is an ankle sprain or flat tire waiting to happen. But Cactus Asphalt can help protect you. We offer pavement maintenance services in Phoenix, AZ to help make your driveway or parking lot smoother and more appealing. Such services also extend the lifespan of your pavement, providing a greater return on your initial investment. By relying on us for minor repairs, you will not soon face expensive concrete resurfacing, leveling, or cutting needs. Contact us today to learn more about pavement maintenance services and to schedule a consultation with our expert paving contractors.