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Business owners throughout Phoenix, AZ recognize Cactus Asphalt as the area’s leading commercial paving company. For more than three decades, our family-owned organization has provided reliable asphalt services as well as innovative pavement maintenance and construction in the Valley of the Sun. It has long been our mission to deliver such solutions with unrivaled quality in a cost-effective manner. Our flexible, knowledgeable paving contractors help us achieve this mission, which is why our customers continue to rely on our professionalism and results. In addition to concrete and asphalt installation services, we can help clients recognize when it is time for repairs. It is best to address any concerns early to save time and money in the long run. We can complete concrete resurfacing, concrete leveling, concrete cutting, and pavement sealing services to maintain your pavement and ensure it keeps its curb appeal and value. Call Cactus Asphalt today to learn how to spot signs your pavement needs repairs.

Ten Signs Your Pavement in Phoenix, AZ Needs Repairs

Pavement maintenance is essential in Phoenix, AZ. The harsh, dry climate conditions can produce cracks that make your parking lots and walkways bumpy, uneven, or hazardous. As with most things, the longer a problem persists, the more difficult and expensive it becomes to remedy. But you do not need to have a trained eye to recognize problems with your pavement. Cactus Asphalt can help you identify any issues. Below are 10 signs your pavement needs repairs.

Alligator Cracks

As their name suggests, alligator cracks resemble the skin of an alligator. They are typically shallow but span a large area of pavement, such as a parking lot. Not only are they an eyesore, but they can also be dangerous for pedestrians walking in the area. They may result from extreme weather conditions and must be addressed quickly. The longer they are left alone, the more they will grow and expand within your parking lot or walkways. Call Cactus Asphalt as soon as you notice this issue so that we may begin a full-depth reclamation immediately.


If your concrete or asphalt shows signs of warping, buckling, or undulating, quick action is necessary to get the problem under control. This problem can occur for many reasons, including heavy vehicle use or merely an insufficient base. Sometimes, the issue is minimal, and Cactus Asphalt can remedy it relatively easily. However, it is important to alert us right away. Extensive warping requires complete asphalt replacement, so do not wait to find a solution. Let us get to work so that you can avoid costly repairs.

Drainage Issues

Excess moisture may not seem like much of a concern, but that line of thought has led to problems for countless parking lots. If standing water lingers on the surface without draining properly, it can seep between layers of your concrete or asphalt, especially if there are cracks already present. As a result, the moisture will affect binding agents and compromise the integrity of your pavement. Small puddles may seem like issues that can be ignored but do so at your own risk. Cactus Asphalt can provide leveling services that ultimately reduce the risk of cracks, potholes, and other damage.

Faded Color

The hot desert sun can turn your pavement from black to gray over time. Surely you want to maintain appearances and keep your parking lots and roadways looking their best, but this is more than merely an aesthetic issue. Faded color is a sign of old, brittle pavement that is more susceptible to cracks and potholes. The experts at Cactus Asphalt can provide seal coating services to prevent further damage and extend your pavement’s lifespan.

Growing Cracks

It is best to address cracks of any size immediately, but if you notice they are growing, the circumstances are direr. Call Cactus Asphalt if you see a rapidly-widening crack in your pavement or one that measures wider than a quarter-inch. As cracks expand, they can start to affect other areas of your concrete or asphalt. The domino effect can lead to longer, wider cracks or even potholes. It is best to seal these cracks as soon as they become apparent.


Pavement rests atop a compacted base or crushed stone, which may begin to erode over time. When this happens, you will notice ever-increasing sinkage, notably in nearby buildings and structures. This becomes a problem that affects more than just your parking lot or walkway. Sinkage can negatively impact the structural integrity of any facility in the area. Such a problem may be indicative of downspouts that are depositing water too close to the structure and impacting the pavement below. We can pinpoint where the issue is and complete pavement maintenance services as necessary.


Most prominent in parking lots, stains can affect more than your curb appeal. Usually, stains are the result of chemical agents such as automotive fluids and industrial solvents that are left behind by cars or other machines. Just like excess moisture, stains can infiltrate cracks in pavement or potholes and weaken binding agents in concrete or asphalt. Once they sink into the pavement, they continue to expand outward until they are addressed by a commercial paving contractor like Cactus Asphalt.


A result of underground pipes cracking, slipping their joints, or coming loose from their drainage structures, undermining can cause significant problems. This issue often occurs when soil enters the pipe and undermines the asphalt surface above. Cactus Asphalt’s paving contractors can use specialized equipment to dig down to the problem area and repair the issue before replacing the damaged pavement base and any asphalt or concrete.

Crumbling Edges

Any parking lot or roadway that does not protect its perimeter with concrete gutters or curbs can experience crumbling edges. You will notice this issue gradually, first with small sections or pieces of concrete chipping away from the rest of the lot and eventually larger sections breaking free. This leaves debris of various sizes that can be an eyesore and injury hazard for anyone walking in the area. It is best to rectify the situation when you first notice any deterioration. Cactus Asphalt can remove the crumbling edges and replace affected asphalt or concrete promptly.


The most recognizable example of pavement deterioration is a pothole. Drivers notice them every time they are traveling down a poorly-kept road. They cause alignment issues, flat tires, and sometimes more significant automobile problems. When they are present in a parking lot, those risks still exist but are compounded by the risk of personal injury. Customers walking from their cars to your business may step in one and turn an ankle or suffer a more severe injury. Do not let potholes expand to the size of craters. Let Cactus Asphalt address any problems while they are still minor, helping to save you money, protect your customers, and reduce your liability.

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Pavement repairs can be costly, time-consuming, and disruptive for your business. But they do not have to be. Early action can help minimize any repair efforts so that you may maintain normal operations. If you notice any signs your parking lot, walkways, or other paved areas may need maintenance – such as standing water, cracks, or potholes – seek help from Cactus Asphalt. We provide concrete and asphalt services in Phoenix, AZ that include resurfacing, leveling, seal coating, simple maintenance, and more. Contact us at the first sign of any issues so that we may begin your repair project immediately.