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Asphalt Rubber Stress Absorbing Membrane:
The "Green" Asphalt

The Stress Absorbing Membrane
is comprised of an Asphalt
Rubber binder covered by a
specifically graded pre-coated aggregate. The Asphalt Rubber binder contains approximately 18% recycled scrap tires.
The ultraviolet inhibitors, anti-oxidants, and other chemicals in the ground scrap tire rubber transfer to the asphalt, giving the reacted Asphalt Rubber material greater age and crack resistance which contributes to longer pavement life.

Cactus Asphalt's experience in
the rubber business goes back to
1978 - so when it comes to
working with Asphalt Rubber,
our employees are some of the
best in the country. Our
knowledge of the industry allows
us to accurately evaluate your project and determine what the best choice is for your property.

Advantages of asphalt rubber chip sealing:
• Helps prevent recurring cracks
.. in asphalt
• Environmentally friendly -
.. approximately 500 old tires used
.. on each lane mile
• More durable than conventional
.. chip sealing
• Faster curing time -
.. reduced loose rocks

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